Why is Private Training necessary for success of an athlete?

– Private training offers specialized training specific to each athlete focusing on improvement of the technical aspect to tactics of soccer not offered during most team practice sessions.

– Private training focuses on improving each athlete where they are weak, maintaining areas in which he/she is strong and continuing the process to reduce errors to increase success on the field.

Private Training maximizes time and training variability

– Private training offers a session with the coach focused on a single athlete.

– Private training allows individualized training and resting periods.

– Private training provides a variety of unusual methods and tools to optimize personalized training focused on physical abilities (speed, strength, coordination etc.) and technical-tactical aspects (shooting, opening up, high pressure).

Private Training focuses on setting objectives and post training evaluation

– Private training sessions are developed with set objectives for each individual athlete in mind.

– Post training evaluations are completed and communicated to monitor the athletes progress.

Specific guidance on sports nutrition as it pertains to training sessions

– Coaches can also offer advice on dietary guidelines specific to athletes including pre or post competition diet, hydration etc.

Schedule of activities

Dates:  Monday – Sunday.
Frequency: We recommend two (2) or three (3) sessions per week.
Duration: Session is 60 minutes.
Age Groups: U6 – U20.
Locations: Orlando – Florida.


10 sessions. – Cost: $ 320

(First session Free).

5 sessions. – Cost: $ 170

1 session. – Cost: $ 40


7 + 8 =


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